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NextSpeak releases new Add-in to support MS Office 2010

Monday, November 8th, 2010

NextSpeak Mandarin TTS and NextSpeak English TTS releases new add-in to support MS Office 2010。


NextSpeak users, please click here to download


NextSpeak English TTS v3.0.1 Released – Ready for Windows 7

Friday, December 11th, 2009

NextSpeak English TTS v3.0.1 Released – Ready for Windows 7.

Traditional Language Learning emphasize textbook learning. More contemporary approach focus on listening and speaking practise. With “NextSpeak – English TTS”, you can freely convert any text in your PC to English waveform. By adjusting the speaking rate with your learning pace, you can quickly grasp the right pronunciation of different words. English teachers can make use of the user-defined IPA pronunciation to demonstrate to your students how different vowels or consonants change a pronunciation. Some researches find that: intensive listening to recorded tapes can improve the English of foreign student and children suffering from dyslexia. “NextSpeak – English TTS” is target for different level of English learners and is a must-have tool for English learners and teachers.